Bob Avakian, In My Backyard
In My Backyard
Bob Avakian, A Cape Cod Night
A Cape Cod Night
Bob Avakian, Road View #2
Road View #2
Bob Avakian, The Barn
The Barn
Bob Avakian, Untitled #4
Untitled #4
Bob Avakian, The Guard Shack
The Guard Shack
Bob Avakian, The Creek
The Creek
Bob Avakian, The Journey
The Journey
Bob Avakian, Waiting for the Sun
Waiting for the Sun
Bob Avakian, Into the Light
Into the Light
Bob Avakian, Road View #1
Road View #1
Bob Avakian, Night Tubing
Night Tubing
Bob Avakian, Untitled #1
Untitled #1
Bob Avakian, King Of The Hill
King of the Hill
Bob Avakian, Three Little Houses
Three Little Houses
Bob Avakian, Night Mist
Night Mist
Bob Avakian, Full Flower Moon
Full Flower Moon
Bob Avakian, Backside of The Barn
Backside of ‘The Barn’
Bob Avakian, Standing at Guard
Standing at Guard
Bob Avakian, Around the Bend
Around the Bend

Bob Avakian Writes: “I photograph the landscape at night and at dawn. The camera captures the frames as stills, freezing time, regardless of the length of the exposure, and creating an image different from what the eye perceives. I like to believe that these resulting images are from a moment suspended between night and day.

“The camera allows me to see my surroundings with new eyes. Out at night, alone, the day’s cares recede and the sense of time fades. Allowing a heightened awareness to take over, I direct my attention to conveying the quiet and solitude of the night. It is this shift in attention, I believe, that allows me to experience the moment with a different vision.

“My exposure and printing decisions enable me to take the surroundings I know so well and present them as they have not been seen before. What fascinates me about this process is that magical element of surprise. I venture out in search of scenes that contain an unknown light source of have some other mysterious quality. Of course there are times when I don’t find anything. Since the night sets the stage, I never know where I will wind up. It reminds me so much of life.”

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