Artist Jen Davis writes:

This project is predicated on an idea of a web-based relationship between myself and “Alexi”, an imagined object of desire. Using activated cameras on both ends the images are low-resolution screen grabs made during the virtual interaction. Over the course of three months this fantastical relationship developed imitating the progression of an actual physical relationship. The intimate moments occasionally simulated a sexual encounter, at other times just a mundane exchange. Unlike a normal “chat”, the subject could not see me, thus I allowed myself to have the kind of solitary control over the created image a photographer would during a portrait session. I would give “Alexi” specific verbal directions and when what he did was to my liking, I would complete the image with my own visual response. The resulting photographs are evidence of a simultaneous moment shared between us, their existence a physical manifestation of what transpired. As a series these photographs are as much a meditation on the nature of love and intimacy, as on loneliness and disconnection.

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