Sarah Lucas, The Fag Show
The Fag Show

A Young British Artist (YBA), Sarah Lucas has been satirizing British culture, sexuality, and gender stereotypes since the early 1990s. Often utilizing found objects, she makes confrontational, bawdy sculptures, installations, photographs, and mixed media works on paper. Lucas is also known for her self-portraits.

Aida Edemariam of The Guardian writes, “Lucas was the wildest of the Young British Artists, partying hard and making art that was provocative and at times genuinely shocking.” Lucas’ first solo exhibitions, both in 1992, were titled “The Whole Joke” and “Penis Nailed to a Board.” In 1996, she was the subject of a BBC documentary, “Two Melons and a Stinking Fish.” Lucas’s work has exhibited internationally, and has appeared in several major surveys of new British art at institutions including the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis; The Royal Academy of Arts; and Tate Britain, London.