Untitled (“Motion-Sound” Landscape) by Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Untitled (“Motion-Sound” Landscape)


(Center for Photographic Studies, Portfolio 3)

From a portfolio of ten gelatin silver prints from original Meatyard negatives (1959-71),
Printed April 1974

Edition of 130

Credit stamp, verso

7 x 7 inches, image
15 x 12 inches, mount

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“Meatyard searched continually for a non-objective art that would be wordless poetry, spontaneous music without sound. The ‘Motion-Sound’ pictures of his later years brought Meatyard’s passion for music and, paradoxically, the silence of Zen Buddhism together in photography. In creating the series, he focused the camera on a natural scene (or one containing plain rural architecture) and then moved it slightly. The result of this action is an image that suggests sound while abstracting natural forms. The landscapes of the ‘Motion-Sound’ series are in stark contrast to the evocative, more traditional views of the Red River Gorge that Meatyard was executing during the same years.”

—Judith Keller, Ralph Eugene Meatyard (London: Phaidon Press Limited, 2002), p. 122

Work by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1925-1972)