Fishnets, New York Burlesque Festival
Fishnets, New York Burlesque Festival, Southpaw
Amber Ray, Los Angeles, CA
Amber Ray
Flambeaux, New York, NY
Prince Poppycock, Los Angeles, CA
Prince Poppycock
Danyella De Meux, Los Angeles, CA
Danyella de Meux
Jackie Beat, California Institute of Abnormalarts (CIA)
Jackie Beat, California Institute of Abnormalarts (CIA)
Jess, South Boston, MA
Lovers, Jamaica Plain, MA
Violet Valentino, Jacques Cabaret
Violet Valentino, Jacques Cabaret
Crotch and Legs, El Cid, Los Angeles
Crotch and Legs, El Cid
Henry Horenstein, Melody Sweets
Melody Sweets, New York, NY

Show is photographer Henry Horenstein’s long-anticipated look at modern burlesque. The photographs were made from 2001 to 2009, and serve as an homage to the neo-burlesque resurgence of the last several years.

The noir-styled images in Show are variously amusing, sexy, and harsh — true reflections of the world they document. The book covers a myriad of burlesque-style performance, including drag, fetish, and sideshow. Horenstein says, “These performers are today’s version of the ‘starving artist’ — living on the margins and delivering their personal expression through song, dance, comedy, and narrative — charged sexually and often highly political.”

Show includes portraits of many of burlesque’s most recognizable performers, including Dita Von Teese and Catherine D’lish, Angie and Helen Pontani, Peek-A-Boo Point, Julie Atlas Muz, Miss Saturn, Dirty Martini, Jackie Beat, Bonnie Dunn, Verushka — and the legendary Murray Hill.

Work by Henry Horenstein