“A tall, striking older man was standing near the bar with a cigarette in his mouth – smoking. He moved toward Henry…gently exhaled smoke into Henry’s face and then put out his cigarette in a half empty glass of wine…As I was turning to follow them, Streeruwitz said: ‘I am a painter and I studied in the Bauhaus…I suffered because my ideas were not the same as theirs; I was too good for them – and they knew it.’ Somewhat mystified, I replied: “Too good in what way?’ ‘I was a dashing young man in those days and many teachers wanted me to be their protege. Why should I do that, I said to myself, because I only like girls.’ I turned way from Streeruwitz, whose last comments to me have made me slightly nervous…When I say his paintings some twenty years later, I thought they accurately reflected the rather strange and mysterious man I had met years earlier.”

– Ashton Hawkins on meeting Brechtholdt Streeruwitz, December 14, 2004

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