Stan Gaz, Mercury Reliquary
Mercury Reliquary
Stan Gaz, Elephant
Stan Gaz, Cake Girl / Frozen Charlotte
Cake Girl / Frozen Charlotte
Stan Gaz, Lensboy 2 Reliquary
Lensboy 2 Reliquary
Stan Gaz, Spaceship Reliquary
Spaceship Reliquary
Stan Gaz, Rider Family
Rider Family

Growing up in the Mohave Desert, photographer Stan Gaz was exposed to an extreme, harsh environment. The artworks in the “Ash” series combine symbolic imagery with ash to communicate issues of fragility, morality, and memory. Gaz brings into play processes, materials, and events that represent the tenuous nature in which we exist.

The wide breadth of Gaz’s subjects encompasses personal experiences, hate crimes, and historical art pieces, among others.

Work by Stan Gaz