Ion Zupcu, Dear Frank
Dear Frank
Ion Zupcu, Birds In Moonlight
Birds in Moonlight
Ion Zupcu, Turn
Ion Zupcu, Sudden Thoughts
Sudden Thoughts
Ion Zupcu, Close
Ion Zupcu, Birds in Mind
Birds in Mind
Ion Zupcu, Here Comes Andy
Here Comes Andy
Ion Zupcu, Large Number Hopes
Large Number of Hopes
Ion Zupcu, After Andy Warhol
After Andy Warhol
Ion Zupcu, Good Morning, Karl
Good Morning Karl
Ion Zupcu, Existence
Ion Zupcu, Square Separation
Square Separation
Ion Zupcu, Circle Separation
Circle Separation
Ion Zupcu, Unfinished Target
Unfinished Target
Ion Zupcu, Target Study #2
Target Study #2
Ion Zupcu, Miss Me
Miss Me?
Ion Zupcu, Plant Without a Flower
Plant Without a Flower
Ion Zupcu, Woman
Ion Zupcu, Four
Ion Zupcu, Hello Mr. Picasso, Have We Met?
Hello Mr. Picasso, Have We Met?

For his latest series, Ion Zupcu continues his works on paper, manipulating sheets of black paper to create small sculptural objects which he then photographs in natural light. With these works, however, rather than sepia toning his prints, Zupcu is working in pure black-and-white.

Work by Ion Zupcu