John Dugdale, Icarus Falling
Icarus Falling
John Dugdale, Self Portrait with Madonna Lily
Self Portrait with Madonna Lily
John Dugdale, Mourning Tulips
Mourning Tulips
John Dugdale, They Have Left Us
They Have Left Us
John Dugdale, Psalm 42, Morton Street, NYC
Psalm 42, Morton Street, NYC
John Dugdale, Wells Cathedral
Wells Cathedral
John Dugdale, The Flex of His Waist
The Flex of His Waist
John Dugdale, Pierrot with Coin
Pierrot with Coin
John Dugdale, Portrait of John Kelly
Portrait of John Kelly
Dugdale, Male Nude
Male Nude

John Dugdale has received world acclaim over the past two decades for his intimate, exquisitely sensitive photographs rendered in a variety of 19th-century printing processes that utilize the sun rather than electric means to transfer image to paper. Beginning as a successful commercial photographer, Dugdale turned solely to personal work after a life-altering stroke in 1993. Surviving a seven-month hospitalization during which he faced a battery of AIDS-related illnesses, a retinal infection ultimately left the artist nearly blind with only fifteen-percent peripheral vision in a single eye. Rather than feeling defeated by such an experience, the artist learned that accepting his impairment opened doorways to vast new opportunities. Dugdale’s images reveal a vision surpassing physical limitations.


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