A view from the door of a Blackhawk helicopter over the Kabul River headed to Bagram Airbase from Forward Operating base
Captain McKnight, The Korengal Outpost
Stand to first light
Night Vision
Medic under moonlight
Reminder of home
“Iraq has Ramadi, we have the Korengal Valley”
Defensive position, Outpost One
Hour 11 of a 20-hour foot patrol through the Korengal Valley
“I enjoyed my first fire-fight so much I re-enlisted for six more years the next day.”
F-15 fighter plane on station, circling over the Korengal Valley
CH-47 Chinook Helicopter
“I don’t agree with a lot of policies . . . its attitudes towards anyone different . . . that has to change. Until then, they just lost one more person willing to fight for our country. I’ve done my time.”

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