Bill Armstrong, Mask #516
Mask #516
Bill Armstrong, Mask #511
Mask #511
Bill Armstrong, Mask #518
Skull #518
Bill Armstrong, Mask #512
Mask #512
Bill Armstrong, Skull #515
Skull #515

Beginning with scraps of paper and found imagery, Bill Armstrong created colorful collages which he then photographs with the focus ring on his camera lens placed on infinity. The resultant images are a wonderful hybrid of media (collage and photography) that seamlessly meld original and found imagery, while teasing the boundary between representation and abstraction.

Unifying a broad range of diverse imagery, a common theme of Armstrong’s Infinity series is to depict photographically the idea of the spirit — often regarded at something unable to be seen. Drawing from a variety of belief systems from around the globe, the artist’s groupings reference a range of sources — from Western ideas of the celestial or heavenly and common notions of ghosts and apparitions, to African concepts of “evil spirits” and Eastern mandalas and Buddha.

Work by Bill Armstrong