ACT UP Memorial Flyer (Judson Memorial Church) by Mark Fisher
ACT UP Memorial Flyer (Judson Memorial Church)


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7 x 5 inches

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Mark Lowe Fisher Political Funeral, November 2, 1992.

Following a political funeral at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan, more than 300 AIDS Activists carried the open coffin of 38-year-old ACT UP member Mark Lowe Fischer—a member of “Marys”, an affinity group who had been organizing political funerals for people with AIDS—from Washington Square to the Republican Headquarters on West 43rd Street. On the eve of the Presidential election, mourners indicted George Bush with Fisher’s murder.

“My friends decided they don’t want to speak at memorial services. We understand that friends and families need to mourn, but we also understand that we’re dying because of a government and a healthcare system that couldn’t care less. I want to show the reality of my death, to display my body in public. I want the public to bear witness. We are not just spiraling statistics. We are people who have lives, who have purpose, who have lovers, friends and families, and we are dying of a disease maintained by a degree of criminal neglect so enormous that it amounts to genocide. I want my own funeral to be fierce and defiant—to make a public statement that my death remains in a form of political assassination. We are taking this action out of love and rage.”
—From “Bury Me Furiously” by Mark Lowe Fisher


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