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1. Baby Gregor, Butch, c. 1980s, NFS.

2. Avery Willard, Mario Montez, c. 1960s, $550

3. Jack Smith, Self Portrait, c. 1970s, $5,000

4. Anonymous, Judy Garland Memorial Album, 1969, $1,500

5. Bill Yehr, MM. For M.M., Inscribed by Mario Montez, $1,750

6. Jack Smith, Screening of Flaming Creatures, Pencil on paper, $7,500

7. Jeff Holtzman, Big Edie in Bed, c. 1976, $500

8. Anonymous, Untitled, From the archive of Jonas Mekas, $850

9. Mario Montez, Advertisement Hand Fan with Maria Montez, c. 1940s, $150

10. Avery Willard, Minette, c. 1960s, Inscribed by Minette, From the collection of Jack Smith, $3,500

11. Jeff Holtzman, Big Edie + Little Edie, c. 1976, $600

12. Jack Smith, Self Portrait, c. 1960s, $4,000

13. Mario Montez, Maria Montez Advertisement, c. 1940s, $100

14. Jack Smith, Joel Markman (only known photo labelled with Mario Montez’s birth name), 1963, $5,000

15. Tomata du Plenty, Ear of Corn, c. 1990s, $400

16. Lanford Wilson, Madness of Lady Bright, c. 1960s, $500

17. Todd Trexler, Divine Vice, c. 1970s, $200

18. Jerome Caja, “125 Pound Hailstones Are Coming, 1981, Mailart, NFS.

19. Jack Smith, Eternal Roachcrusts Heavenly Roachcrusts, c. 1960s, Pen on paper, $4,000

20. Jack Smith, Isn’t That Exotic?!, c. 1970s, Pen on rolodex card, $5,000

21. Edith Massey, Thrift Store Postcard, Inscribed, $100

22. Jack Smith, Side A: Chlorinated Roaches Sink to the Bottom of the Drinking Water; Side B: Wait for Me at the
Bottom of the Pool, c. 1960s, Pen on rolodex card, $4,500

23. Avery Willard, Ava-Graph Nostalgia Film Nights, c. 1960s, From the collection of Jack Smith, $800

24. Baby Gregor, Sailor, c. 1980s, Collage, NFS.

25. Jean Hill, Grizelda in Desperate Living, Inscribed by Jean Hill, Postcard, $100

26. Filmtronics Labs, Receipt for Early Print of Film Flaming Creatures, 1963, $1,250

27. Jack Smith, Flaming Creatures, 1963, $3,500

28. Jack Smith, Laxatives Make the World Go Round, c. 1960s, Pen on rolodex card, $4,500

29. Caffé Cino Glitter, c. 1960s, NFS.