Frances F. Denny, Hope in the Guest Room
Hope, In the Guest Bedroom
Frances F. Denny, Cake
Frances Denny, Edith, with a portrait of her ancestor
Edith, With a Portrait of her Ancestor
Frances F. Denny, My Mother's Hands
My Mother’s Hands
Frances F. Denny, Tablecloth
Frances F. Denny, Aunt N Before her portrait
Aunt N., Before her Portrait
Frances F. Denny, Edith, At Home
Edith, At Home
Frances F. Denny, China Pantry
China Pantry
Frances F. Denny, Floral Patterns
Floral Patterns
Forest Kelley, When It Started To Be Discussed
When It Was Starting To Be Discussed
Forest Kelley, Untitled
Forest Kelley, Michael at Cook's Canyon, 1984
Michael at Cook’s Canyon, 1984
Julie Gautier-Downes, Untitled
Julie Gautier-Downes, 34° 9' 54.126"N 115° 44' 30.5838"W
34° 9′ 54.126″N 115° 44′ 30.5838″W
Julie Gautier-Downes, 34° 11' 28.7802"N 115° 43' 24.5568"W
34° 11′ 28.7802″N 115° 43′ 24.5568″W
Julie Gautier-Downes, 34° 11' 24.4062"N 115° 43' 27.9588"W
34° 11′ 24.4062″N 115° 43′ 27.9588″W
Julie Gautier-Downes, 35° 0' 57.1818"N 115° 38' 49.8516"W
35° 0′ 57.1818″N 115° 38′ 49.8516″W
Julie Gautier-Downes, 34° 9' 54.126"N 115° 44' 30.5838"W
34° 9′ 54.126″N 115° 44′ 30.5838″W
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Venn
Venn Diagram
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Punctuation
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Graph
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Steps
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Family Tree
Family Tree
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Cycle
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Test
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, System
Maya Krinsky, Diagram, Blur
Maya Krinsky, Roxana
Maya Krinsky, Maps
Maps of San Juan
Maya Krinsky, Landscapes
Landscape of Spain in Cafe Mallorca
Mo Costello, Breakfast (Slim)
Breakfast (Slim)
Mo Costello, Lani and Wilhem
Lani and Wilhem
Mo Costello, Boots (Slim)
Boots (Slim)
Mo Costello, Slim
Mo Costello, Bruce
RaMell Ross, Antonio
RaMell Ross, Ida Mae
Ida Mae
RaMell Ross, iHome
Vanessa Godden, Still from 19 Slip Knots
19 Slip Knots
Maya Krinsky Installation image
Exhibition image
Julie Gautier-Downes Exhibiton image
Exhibition image
Forest Kelley Exhibition image
Exhibition image
Frances Denny Exhibition image
Exhibition image
RaMell Ross Exhibition image
Exhibition image
Vanessa Godden Exhibition Image
Exhibition image
Mo Costello Exhibition image
Exhibition Image
Mo Costello Exhibition image
Exhibition Image

Rhode Island School of Design 2014 MFA Graduate Show
July 10 – July 19, 2014

Opening Reception:
Thursday, July 10, 2014
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

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