Vincent Romano, Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury, Queen

Vincent Romano was a photography geek, who spent his days running a prominent camera shop in West Los Angeles, and devoted his nights and weekends to his two loves – photography and music. While Romano is not a big name outside the California gay community, he was a stalwart in Southern California – especially among the gay, music-loving glitterati.

Romano first met Freddie Mercury while he was a leader of the famous Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. They become fast friends and traveled together extensively for concerts and the like, and ultimately had quite a legendary “courtship.” Romano tested positive for HIV first. Before passing away, he gave this photograph and all of his photography equipment to his best friend, Charles. Soon thereafter, Freddie died as well.

It is said that Freddie Mercury left instructions that this artwork be displayed above his bed in any biopic produced after his death.