From Anne Rosenberg’s interview with Lissa Rivera regarding her series “Beautiful Boy”:

AR: Your series is called ‘Beautiful Boy.’ What does this title mean to you?

LR: I called my work ‘Beautiful Boy,’ because words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty’ are often not used to describe men. Most of the time they’re connected with women and femininity. However, I think anyone can be beautiful. The title of my series was also inspired by a book by Germaine Greer, which is called ‘The Beautiful Boy.’ This book is about giving women permission to enjoy male beauty. Greer looks at historical representations of men and reveals their beauty from a woman’s perspective. Although I do not agree with all of her theories, the concept of the book really inspired me, because I experienced the same feelings when I enjoyed the beauty of my partner while making this series. Furthermore, I chose this title because I wanted to reflect freedom from age and gender. In my opinion, older people can still be youthful and beautiful. I don’t want to stick to what society ascribes as ‘proper gender behaviour.’

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