From David Schonauer’s review of “Histories: Tales from the 70s” for AI-AP’s Profiles:

… Horenstein more or less wandered through the ’70s with his camera, taking pictures of things he was interested in, like horse racing. He photographed Steve Cauthen at Saratoga Springs in 1977, the year before the young jockey rode Affirmed to a Triple Crown.

Some 40 years later, Horenstein began exploring his archive of images from the period. In a sense, that exploration is what the book is really about.

“Going through the old contact sheets was an incredible experience,” Horenstein says. “Despite having a terrible a memory, I could remember almost everything about shooting every picture — including when I fucked up and got the wrong exposure or was afraid to talk to someone.”

The pictures also sparked wider memories, as pictures will. “It’s your life flashing before your eyes,” Horenstein says. “I remembered people I dated, and people I dated and shouldn’t have dated, and the ones who got away — some of them running.”

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