From Miss Rosen’s review of “Histories: Tales from the 70s” for CRAVE:

In Horenstein’s 1970s, we return to a time not so long ago, but so very far away: a time when everything was analogue. Just imagine how cutting edge the 8 track cassettes had been: finally you could curate the sounds on your car stereo. Horenstein’s 1970s were filled everything that made the era great, the “big cars, plaid pants, long hair, and all.” Horenstein reveals, “The thing I never thought about was the way people dressed, the hairdos and the cars. Now, when I shoot, I see it. But back then I never thought about it. People look at the pictures and giggle over what they’re wearing. But back then it was normal.”

It is this purity of preservation that makes Horenstein’s photographs timeless; the way in which everything is natural, his subjects filled with a sense of ease and repose. There is a lack of the artificial, self-conscious, and self-constructed in Horenstein’s photographs. Everyone simply is exactly as they are. And in that way, it’s not surprising to find Dolly Parton in the mix; she’s a woman of the people and her presence reminds us of this.

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