From Danielle Whalen’s article regarding the 2016 AIPAD Photography Show for Blouin Artinfo:

“For its booth this year, ClampArt has brought a dynamic collection of photographs by an array of artists, some in eye-popping color, some in black-and-white, and one that combines both (“After Francis Frith, Pyramid II,” Bill Armstrong’s 2015 color-checkered pyramid in a sepia landscape). There are also portraits by Diane Arbus and Robert Mapplethorpe, and the urban architectural compositions of Marc Yankus. What really demands a look in this well-curated booth, though, are the large cyanotype prints by Brian Buckley. Made by coating watercolor paper with albumen, Buckley catches ghostly images of rippling water and eerie tall ships, rendered in tones of dark and wispy blues. Buckley’s photographs are in direct conversation with another group of cyanotype prints on the opposite wall, those of Vietnamese photographer Pipo Nguyen-duy.

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