From Efrem Zelony-Mindell’s review of “Tear Sheets,” currently on view at Baxter St. at The Camera Club of New York, for Vice:

Pacifico Silano is a photographer of photographs. In many ways, he is a historian. The Brooklyn-based artist’s new exhibition, “Tear Sheets,” currently at The Camera Club of New York, pushes conversations that, as he puts it, “are my history.”

The images in the show are cultivated appropriations of historic queer ephemera, such as psychiatric literature and porn mags from the 70s and 80s like Blueboy, Torso, and Honcho. Within the context of “Tear Sheets,” these discarded objects and boy-blasted come rags rise above forgotten cultural detritus and reveal themselves to be platforms of activism, nightlife, awareness, and gay rights, as well as relics of queer socialization and identity in pre-digital times.

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