Blue Mirror #2
Blue Mirror #3
Blue Mirror #4
Blue Mirror #5
Blue Mirror #6
Blue Mirrors #1
Blue Mirrors with flower
Green Mirror #1
Green Mirrors #2
Green Mirrors #3
Green Mirrors #4
Purple Mirrors #1
Roman Mirror #1
Roman Mirror #2

Color Mirrors expands upon Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s series of black-and-white Mirrors. Dissatisfied with attempts at literal self-portraiture, the artist began employing mirrors as metaphors for the self. Each image in the series signifies the artist and her mood the particular day the photograph was produced. At turns quiet, sad, frenzied, and even broken, all of the photographs are notably elegant, representing Montgomery Barron’s most sophisticated work to date. Each mirror is a wonderfully complicated and appropriate stand-in for not only the photographic medium, but also the photographic artist herself.

Mirrors is also the title of the artist’s third monograph available from Holzwarth Publications with an introduction by esteemed author Edmund White.