Manjari Sharma writes: “For the last few months I have been inviting people to visit my apartment and allow me to photograph them in a very intimate space—my bathroom.  I have also been inviting them to take a shower as I continue to shoot them.  I soon came to the observation that warm water running over my subjects’ bodies often relieved them of any unnerving awkwardness the camera brought about.  Once they were relaxed, the bathroom—formerly a beauty parlor—now became a confessional, and I—the hairdresser.  Many of my subjects shared intimate details of their lives with me, and every new person in the shower became a brand new allegory.  With every new visit, I had a new protagonist—a new plot and a new parable of hurt and heroic that came came undone under that shower (my shower).  I felt a personal mythology was being shared—an independent study that I got addicted to.

“Secretly I have been told by my subjects that it is thrilling and adventuresome to be in my shower. Secretly cheating my traditional and tame Indian upbringing, I live through all of my subjects—fighting their wars and braving their fears for those few hours where we are connected through this pious space.  I continue to investigate this enthralling photo project, which has thus far given rise to some of the fastest, most disarming relationships I have ever formed.  I look forward to these images leading the way as the project continues.”

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