Peter Coulter, Mortality
[Peter Coulter (1948-)] Mortality
Mark Beard, Peter Coulter, Pervert
[Peter Coulter (1948-)] Pervert
Mark Beard, Peter Coulter, Cock
[Peter Coulter (1948- )] Cock
Mark Beard, Peter Coulter, Wounded Narcissist
[Peter Coulter (1948- )] Wounded Narcissist
Mark Beard, Peter Coulter, Cunt
[Peter Coulter (1948- )] Cunt
Mark Beard, Peter Coulter, Subliminal Art (Buy Art)
[Peter Coulter (1948- )] Subliminal Art (Buy Art)
Mark Beard, Peter Coulter, 15 Minutes of Shame
[Peter Coulter (1948- )] 15 Minutes of Shame
Mark Beard, Peter Coulter, Piss Shit Blood & Death
[Peter Coulter (1948- )] Piss, Shit, Blood, & Death

“Peter Coulter worked with political elements of holocausts such as the Armenian and Belgian. His work with the American slave trade and his many installations include this recent monumental work showing black rubber hands piled in the center of a gallery floor to express the horrors of the 1890s Congo holocaust.

As a friend and colleague of Peter Coulter, it is interesting for me to see a didactic lineage that we both share as well as an almost hereditary connection through my great Uncle Bruce and his colleagues. Though I have not had the successes of Peter Coulter, we have shared models, exhibitions, and good times. It was Peter who introduced me to the novel use of Polaroid transfers, and for that I am grateful.”

– Mark Beard, October 2004

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