Robin Schwartz, Tower
Robin Schwartz, Amelia and Amelia
Amelia and Amelia
Robin Schwartz, Deer Butt
Deer Butt
Robin Schwartz, Carriage Waterfall
Carriage House Waterfalls
Robin Schwartz, Roof Wedding
Roof Wedding
Robin Schwartz, Abu Amelia and Elmo
Abu, Amelia, and Elmo
Robin Schwartz, Great Dane
Great Dane
Robin Schwartz, Trinty
Robin Schwartz, Ricky
Amelia and Ricky, 3 and 2 Years Old
Robin Schwartz, Jenny Amelia Vicky
Jenny, Amelia, Vicky
Robin Schwartz, Deer Line
Deer Line
Robin Schwartz, Flying Hannah
Flying Hannah
Robin Schwartz, Jacob's Weekly Bath
Jacob’s Weekly Bath
Robin Schwartz, Morning
Robin Schwartz, Breakfast Talk, Rosie
Breakfast Talk, Rosie
Robin Schwartz, Investigation
Robin Schwartz, Paris Greyhound Hair
Paris Greyhound Hair
Robin Schwartz, Pink
Robin Schwartz, Polka dot goats
Polka Dot Goats
Robin Schwartz, Ruby in the Garden
Ruby in the Garden
Robin Schwartz, Copper
Robin-Schwartz, Leopards
Robin Schwartz, Louie E.
Louie E.
Robin Schwartz, Monkey Family
Monkey Family
Robin Schwartz, Baby Lorenzo
Baby Lorenzo

“My photographs are drawn from real journeys undertaken with my daughter in the interspecies private world that we inhabit together with animals of all varieties. I am driven to depict our relationships with animals in the hope that these moments reverberate. The photographs are not documents; they are evidence of an invented world and the fables we enact in that world. Photography gives me the opportunity to access dreams, to discover the extraordinary.

“Animals and interspecies relationships have always been an important part of my work. Animals in my photographs are not represented as beastly, noble, or as props to illustrate human life, but as part of our everyday world.

“My daughter and I share an affinity with the animal kingdom and we play out our fantasies and explore our eccentricities by creating a cultural space where animals not only co-exist with humans, but also interact as full partners. The animals in the photographs are living creatures, participants in the dramas that the photographs capture. The world that my daughter and I explore is one where the line between human and animal overlaps or is blurred, where animals are part of our world and humans are part of theirs.”
—Robin Schwartz

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